Concrete Cleaning With a Surface Cleaner vs. A Traditional Wand

Concrete Cleaning With a Surface Cleaner vs. A Traditional Wand

Concrete Cleaning With a Surface cleaner vs. A Traditional Wand

big-guy-upcloseA professional concrete cleaning company will often use a surface cleaner to clean concrete at residential and commercial properties. What is a surface cleaner? A surface cleaner is a tool that has a spinning spray bar with a high-pressure hose attached to it.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The spray bar has two or more angled nozzles that provide the propulsion that spins the bar. The high-pressure spray comes out of the nozzles as the spray bar is rotating.

A surface cleaner is superior to using a wand in many ways. Here are just a few of the advantages of using a large area surface cleaner for concrete cleaning.

  • Spray nozzles are ALWAYS 1” or so from the concrete allowing a uniform cleaning pattern.  With a wand the distance will vary, resulting in uneven and often unsightly lines.
  • Speed! Imagine being able to clean a 28” path in one pass. By using a surface cleaner, most residential driveways can be cleaned 50-75% faster than a wand.
  • Water usage is a big factor with a surface cleaner. The increase in speed also means less water is used which is better for the environment, and saves on water bills.
  • Holding a wand too close can etch concrete.  Etched concrete is generally not repairable. Using a surface cleaner greatly reduces the risk of operator error, which can easily damage a concrete surface.

The only drawback to surface cleaners is that you must have professional grade equipment to run them. A minimum of 4 gallons per minute and 2500 PSI are required for a surface cleaner to function properly. Most homeowner’s grade pressure washing machines are not capable of running a surface cleaner properly due to the size of the engine and pump.

PRO WASH, LLC has several surface cleaners large and small. Small, tight spaces usually are best suited for a 16” version while large parking lots or long sidewalks are cleaned much more efficiently with larger diameter versions. On larger projects, we usually run 2 28” models simultaneously. We offer free consultation and estimates so feel free to call or email if you have any questions about your concrete cleaning project.