Which Nozzle Tip Should You Use On Your Power Washer?
Types of Nozzles from a Power Washing Company in Nashville TN

Which Nozzle Tip Should You Use On Your Power Washer?

Types of Nozzles from a Power Washing Company in Nashville TN

Which Nozzle Tip Should You Use On Your Power Washer?

The standard set of nozzles that come with a pressure washer will allow you to clean several types of surfaces.  The following description of each nozzle tip will serve as a basic guideline for you to choose the proper nozzle for the job.  Pressure washing nozzles are measured in degrees.  0° is a thin, straight stream of water while a 60° is a wide fan pattern.  The nozzles are usually color coded for easy identification.


Power Washing Nozzles Defined:

  • 0° Red nozzle

The red-colored nozzle is the most powerful and often used for concrete cleaning. This should be the least used nozzle of all, but it does have its place in power washing with it’s small, very concentrated stream of water. Even with a homeowner’s grade pressure washer, this nozzle could slice right through skin, siding, or wood. So be careful! This nozzle will provide a long, concentrated stream of water that is useful for things like knocking down wasp nests or spot cleaning tough stains and debris from concrete and metal. The super concentrated water stream is like writing with a pencil so using this nozzle is not very time efficient. More damage to property is done with this nozzle than with any other so again, BE CAREFUL!

  • 15° Yellow nozzle

When the dirt is thick, the yellow-colored nozzle is the one you will want to use. A 15° spray pattern will do some serious cleaning; however, it can still scar wood or vinyl siding. This nozzle is great for cleaning dirty concrete, brick, or anytime you need to rinse heavy debris off of a hard surface. It packs the punch to make cleaning the dirtiest surface possible with any pressure washer.

  • 25° Green nozzle

This green nozzle has the widest range of cleaning capabilities. The spray pattern is still concentrated enough to clean concrete and brick if you hold it close enough to the surface; yet, gentle enough to clean wood and siding if held slightly further from the surface. Gutters, aluminum trim, siding, brick and concrete can all be cleaned with this nozzle tip. The green-colored nozzle has a 25 degree spread with about 16″ width at 36 inches above the surface, which is ideal for a soft wash rinse. Keep in mind a soft wash rinse requires a straight line between the tip, and the surface. If you arc the spray up, you will eliminate all pressure from your power washer.

  • 40° White nozzle

Decks, cars, fences, stucco, and virtually anything else that need a lower pressure approach to cleaning will benefit from this nozzle. Its wide spray pattern reduces the impact of water on the surface and if used properly, will not scar or etch softer surfaces.

  • 60° Black nozzle

This black nozzle is used to activate a chemical injector on your pressure washer.  Most chemical injectors are engaged by a loss in pressure. The black nozzle’s opening is much larger than the rest of the colored nozzles. This allows the pressure washer to sense a “drop” in pressure and initiate the chemical flow through the hose and out the end of the wand.  This tip can also be used when extremely low pressures are needed. The larger opening reduces the pressure so dramatically that it’s not much different than a shower nozzle.

It is wise to always start with the least amount of pressure possible and work your way up to whichever nozzle is best suited for your particular application. For a free consultation on your exterior cleaning project, feel free to call or click here.