Stain Removal

Stain Removal

chimney stain

Metal Oxide Stains – When water drips from one type of surface onto another, oxidation stains can occur. Similar to rust, oxidation stains can be very tricky to remove. Often times a mild acid or restoration chemical is used during the stain removal process, which can require several applications to achieve the best results. Some common scenarios that would generate metal oxide stains are: Runoff on a wall from a copper roof , runoff from aluminum window frames, and drip marks from leaking gutters.

Rust Stains – Rust stains are a common problem for many properties. Rust stains cannot be removed with high pressure water. This kind of rust stain removal, requires specialty chemicals to remove safely. At Pro Wash, LLC, we obtain the proper certifications, and knowledge of local EPA regulations to SAFELY remove rust stains from virtually any surface.

Organic Stains – Tree sap, algae, mold and mildew are just a few types of organic stains found in the middle Tennessee area. These types of stains occur on almost every building material used in construction. The location of a structure plays a key role in organic stains, north facing sides and heavily shaded areas are more to subject to organic type stains because the U.V. rays prohibit bacteria growth.

Pro Wash, LLC can safely remove organic stains from virtually any surface, ask us about special treatments that prevent organic stains from returning for up to 5 years!

Efflorescence Removal – Efflorescence is a whitish, powdery deposit on the surface of a masonry material. It is formed as mineral-rich water rises to the surface through capillary action and then evaporates. Efflorescence usually consists of gypsum, salt, or calcite. Pro Wash, LLC uses only the highest grade products for efflorescence removal, resulting in outstanding results. For efflorescence removal in Nashville, TN or surrounding areas, trust the professionals at Pro Wash, LLC!

rust siding before and after
sidewalk stain

Food Grease Cleanup – Excess food grease can cause huge problems anywhere food is prepared or served. Once tracked or spilled onto sidewalks or floors, it becomes similar to a magnet for other dirt and debris and can quickly become unsightly and unsafe for employees and patrons alike. Specialty cleaning chemicals that break down the oils are used in conjunction with ultra hot water to remove cooking oil and grease from restaurant floors, entry ways, dumpster pads and outdoor patios.

Pro Wash can handle all of your cooking oil and food grease cleanup needs, from a small rear entrance to a restaurant kitchen to huge grease trap overflows. We also have the ability to reclaim the grease or oil and wash water so that your property stays in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Automotive Fluid Stains – Pro Wash, LLC uses ultra high temperature water and heavy duty industrial grade degreasers to deep clean oil stains from concrete and other surfaces. Gas Stations, parking lots, shop floors , drive thru’s, and parking garages almost always have these types of stains. Our stain removal services can make your property shine like it used and impress your customers.

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