Keep Your Home Clean with Nashville Pressure Washing Professionals

Keep Your Home Clean with Nashville Pressure Washing Professionals

Spring is almost here, which means it’s almost time to give your home the thorough cleaning that it needs. Spring cleaning is a great way for homeowners like you to ‘detoxify’ their home from all the dirt and clutter that may have collected over the year. Unfortunately, very often certain parts of the home get ignored all year round. columnist Christopher Snow identifies some of the areas of the home that homeowners often take for granted when spring cleaning:


Spring is the time to clean up any foliage remnants on the roof and gutters that have accumulated through the months since last spring’s clean-up. This is one of a homeowner’s most important tasks since you need clear gutters to direct erosive rainwater away from your roof and foundation.


Months of dirt, dust, and water stains will have accumulated, and all that gunk will catch the light, making your windows look less than stellar. A little bit of Windex, some paper towels, and you’re good to go.


Wait, you’re telling me I have to wash my ceilings?!

Yup. Especially in the kitchen. Especially if you’ve got a smoker in the house. Most people use a mop with Spic ‘n Span, since this cleaner doesn’t require a rinse. Ammonia works too, but you’ll need to rinse. About half a cup per gallon of warm water should do it, just make sure the room is well ventilated.”

Although Snow offers a few tips on how you can clean these areas yourself, it’s still best to have these areas professionally cleaned. A handyman with a pressure washer is worlds apart from a professional Nashville pressure washing service. For one thing, a professional will know how much pressure is required to properly clean a specific part of the house. He knows that too much can cause severe damage to a home, and too little won’t be able to clean it correctly.

Grass is growing, birds are chirping, and chores are piling up - Spring Cleaning

Pressure washing during spring is one of the best ways to keep your home clean, inside and out. Plus, it can also prevent unnecessary repair expenses in the future due to neglect. For professional pressure washing in Nashville, put your trust in established companies like PRO WASH.

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