Power Washer vs. Pressure Washer: What’s the Difference?

Power Washer vs. Pressure Washer: What’s the Difference?

power washer vs. pressure washerDo you have caked on dirt and grime on your home or driveway that needs cleaning? Will a sponge and some soapy water simply not cut it? You need something stronger.

You open your internet browser and pull up a website for a commercial pressure washing service. You notice something about power washing on their blog. Wait a minute, aren’t those the same thing?!

Not exactly. Despite their similar names, there’s actually a distinct difference between the two powerful cleaning methods.

Read on to learn all about the power washer vs. pressure washer, and which one you need for your tough cleaning project.

What’s the Difference?

Yes, both a power washer and a pressure washer both use strong, direct streams of water to force-clean stubborn dirt and grime. There’s not even a huge difference in the pressure force between the two.

So what’s the deal? Why is there a differentiation?

The big deal is that a power washer also applies the power of heat to clean gunk off your driveway or siding. The machine contains a heating element that heats the water up before it’s dispensed.

Why? Well, there are different applications for each machine. Keep reading to find out the best time to use each.

Power Washer Vs. Pressure Washer

So when do you need a pressure washing service, and when do you need a power washing service?

Power Washing

Since power washers use hot water to blast stains away, they’re more suited stains that contain living bacteria. The hot water helps to eliminate this bacteria in order to prevent it from regrowing. Thanks to this feature, power washing is great for mildew and mold stains.

It’s also well suited for salt, hardened gum, and grease stains.

Pro tip: power washing will eliminate those unsightly rust stains that love to stick onto buildings from the sprinklers. While pressure washing will get rid of these as well, the hot water of a power washer will do a better job!

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is going to be just enough for most major big cleaning jobs out there. Anything that needs to simply be blown away can be handled by a pressure washer. Think: moss, weeds, and caked on gunk and dirt.

Pressure washing is best suited for surfaces like concrete, brick, and masonry. Think your driveway, patio, and siding!

Which Do You Need?

Take a look at your cleaning project. Do you think hot water will make a difference? If not, stick with a pressure washer.

If you’ve got something growing that you don’t want to return, like mold or mildew, a power washer is a better bet for you. It’ll keep that pesky substance from returning, ensuring that your business’ storefront stays clean and inviting for all your customers.

Get Your Pressure Wash On!

Now that you’ve read up on the big difference between the power washer vs. pressure washer and determined which is right for your cleaning job, it’s time to put that knowledge into action and get your pressure wash on!

Hiring a commercial pressure washer is the easiest way to ensure the job’s done right. Professional pressure washers are also more powerful than home versions.

Questions? We have answers. Get in touch to talk shop, or get a free estimate for your next big cleaning job.