Pressure Washing and the Food Service Industry

Pressure Washing and the Food Service Industry

Keeping Our Restaurants Clean

We all know what it’s like to walk into a restaurant and feel the icky under our feet.  How about the smell from the grease trap wafting around to the outdoor patio area? Many of Nashville’s fine dining locations have entrances that are black with grease and polka dotted with chewing gum.  The reality is, restaurant exteriors can be nasty places.  There is always food scraps, used cooking oil and garbage to deal with.  The patios and sidewalks are usually stained black from the grime that is tracked out of the kitchen and from behind the bar.  The solution to dealing with the smelly, slippery and unsightly surfaces is not as complex as it might seem.  Regular cleaning of these areas using powerful detergents and hot water pressure washing erases build up and leaves surfaces clean and safe to walk on.

Happy restaurant customer enjoying a clean environment after a commercial pressure washing

Customers enjoy a clean environment when eating

restaurant entry that needs cleaning by commercial pressure washing company

Clean Entryways

What Matters To Restaurant Customers

The areas that get the dirtiest, and are most visible to patrons are listed below

  • Front entrance concrete
  • rear entrance and ramp
  • Dumpster/grease trap area
  • Outdoor Patios



Hire The Best Commercial Pressure Washing Company

The Pro Wash team has been keeping Nashville restaurants and bars clean and inviting since 2011.  We service many local joints like The Southern Steak and Oyster, McNamara’s Irish Pub and Hattie B’s.  We also service National chains like Chili’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Red Robin.

Keeping dumpsters clean with commercial pressure washing

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