Nashville Pressure Washing Can Set Trends for Cleanliness

Nashville Pressure Washing Can Set Trends for Cleanliness

Throughout years as a commercial Nashville pressure washer serving the greater Nashville area, we have noticed a few trends we would like to share. These trends would go unnoticed to most people, but for us, they couldn’t be more obvious.

Recurring commercial cleaning accounts make up a large portion of our Nashville pressure washing workload.  These can be anything from fuel stations to coffee shops, fast food chains to office complexes.  No matter the type of property, the end goal is basically the same.  We transform a property through Nashville pressure washing from looking dingy and neglected to shiny and perfected.  Pro Wash, LLC is all about making properties look their best, which involves a lot more than just pressure washing.  We encourage homeowners and business owners to start a trend of cleanliness, others WILL follow.


Dirty floor chewing gumHere is a few of the trends pertaining to exterior cleaning.

  • Chewing gum-  Peoples favorite flavored gum often ends up on the concrete sidewalks or parking lots of businesses.  Sometimes there is so much, it resembles a dirty polka dotted pattern.  One trend we have noticed is that once all of the gum is removed, people are a lot less likely to throw gum on the ground.  If there are hundreds of black gum spots at the entrance to a building, most people don’t think twice about adding a piece to the collection.  If the entrance is clean, bright, and gum-free concrete, fewer people will litter resulting in a cleaner overall image. Nashville pressure washing can easily remove gum from concrete or pavement to improve your commercial property’s cleanliness.



  • Alamo driveway before afterKeeping up with the Jones’-  Another trend we see very often is the desire to have exterior cleaning performed based on  ” I didn’t realize how dirty my house was until you cleaned my neighbors”.  This holds true for residential and commercial properties alike.  Pro Wash, LLC has cleaned 1 home in a subdivision, which led to cleaning both neighbors homes, which led to cleaning several homes on the street etc. etc.  We ended up not only cleaning most of the homes in the subdivision, but cleaning the sidewalks and clubhouse for the Homeowners Association.  Another place we see this trend is in strip malls or shopping centers.  If one tenant has their concrete entrance way cleaned, the others usually follow.  Again, you don’t realize how dirty a surface is until you see a side by side comparison.


  • Waste receptacle placement-  Believe it or not, proper waste bin placement can help prevent gum, cigarette butts and general trash from accumulating in an area.  We are seeing more and more cigarette butt containers placed out of the main entrance to stores and restaurants, but still close enough that patrons know they are there.  Also, many drive thru fast food locations are placing garbage cans at the end of the drive thru.  This helps keep the trash off the ground, but also keeps customers from discarding liquid waste (sods and coffee) on the concrete.


RecepticlesAll of these trends are a positive step for our great city.  Keeping Nashville clean is our mission, and we love to see the chain reaction that a clean home or business can create.  To learn more click or call us today.  615-999-0104